Discover, uncover, and recover your True Self so you can shine your light and fulfill your destiny. I mentor, teach, and guide you on your soul journey.

Life is art.  We breathe Spirit in a delicate rainbow, a spectacular sunrise, the gentle scent of roses, or crashing thunder.  Imagine living in tune with the magic, wonder, and beauty of this awesome creativity which is our birthright. Learning to express your true voice brings purpose and fulfillment.

Whether you identify as an artist or feel that you have latent creative power waiting to emerge, I can aid you to discover, uncover, and recover your Real Self!  Being creative goes beyond making things.  It is a way of thinking, of being, of seeing and responding to the world and her people.

Knowing who you are means connecting with Spirit.  Learning to still your outer mind, listening for the whisper of the inner self in meditation and contemplation, enables your awareness to expand to encompass the Whole You.  Remembering and understanding your dreams can reveal your soul’s purpose.

If you want to free your creative energies to manifest in relationships, business, through writing, art, or music, through making things like cooking or planting a garden or decorating, I offer coaching and counseling on an individual basis and group workshops and classes.

I can guide you to discover your Self if you are in transition, changing careers, retiring, learning who you are after your kids have grown, after the death of a significant other or change through divorce.  Individual mentoring programs designed for your particular needs give you practices to change your life in remarkable ways.

Whole Life Resources

Here to aid you to discover and cultivate the beautiful creative being you are.

Life Purpose Counseling

One-on-one mentorship and support for people in transition

Dream Counseling

Intuitive dream interpretation coaching for individuals and groups

Creative Rediscovery

Re-awaken the Real You by learning how to play, to explore, to discover

Vibrant. Flow. Movement.

A sample of my work with alcohol ink, acrylic painting, and nature photography.

Sharing My Thoughts

Enjoy some of my writings and thoughts on creativity, meditation, healing, dreams, and more.

Inspiration and Motivation

Setting goals and accomplishing them brings satisfaction and fulfillment. Most people know how triumphant we feel when we complete something we intended to do. But what happens when the motivation to accomplish wears out? When we find ourselves procrastinating by checking Facebook, drinking another cup of coffee, or finding frittering away our time? How do we keep the motivation going? It seems that the key is knowing what inspires us. Inspiration is different from motivation. Inspiration comes from purpose. Purpose comes from knowing who we are, what we have to offer, and how we can make the world a better place. Inspiration is sustaining. It energizes us. Motivation can be energizing for...

To thine own self be true

“To thine own self be true," said William Shakespeare. This sounds great, but how do we even know what it means to be true to oneself? Young children seem very free to express their true nature. A child’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds: full, joyous, and resonant. Unfortunately, many of us learn to squelch that natural laughter, to subdue our energy, or to be “seen and not heard,” so that by the time we are adults we have difficulty knowing who we are. Society encourages us to look a certain way, speak so that other people will approve of us, follow the trends that are popular. Today’s pre-teenagers already wear makeup and speak in voices they imitate from TV or video. I...

Should I?

I don’t remember when it started, but for awhile now, I hear people saying, “I’m going to do what I want, not what I should.” I’ve seen bumper stickers that say, “Don’t should on me.” I wonder when “should” became a dirty word? My mother used to recite a poem she learned in her childhood. Sometimes I can still hear her sing-song voice in my mind, “Straight is the line of Duty Curved in the line of Beauty Follow the straight line and you will see The curved line will always follow thee.” I love this. It makes life simple. Doing your Duty brings out your inner Beauty because God is love. When we serve God, either directly or through serving other people, we radiate love. And what can be more...


Looking out the window, I see a duck stroll into the water, joining his friends. Ten of them. A couple of days ago there were four. A month ago there were none. How strange it seems to think that I missed the ducks! They became friends last winter. I got in the habit of counting them to make sure they were all there. The most I ever counted was 22. Melancholy. It feels like fall. Leaves dropping, even the brilliant crimson red and amber colored leaves seem to ache. “Soon it will be gone,” they glow. The leaves, the warmth, the sun, will soon be hidden under the cold. Wonder if I will ever in this lifetime know the joy of fully being in the present, filled to the brim with the Creator’s...

Let it go!

Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, 'You owe me.' Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky. -- Hafiz “Let it go,” sings Queen Elsa in Disney’s movie Frozen. Winner of both the Academy Award for Best Original Song and a Grammy, the song’s popularity shows how powerful it can be to let go! Easier said than done. How many times have I wrestled with unresolved thoughts and feelings about a situation, usually involving a relationship with another person. Things eat away at me until I can come to understanding. When another person is involved, I feel compelled to talk it over but sometimes they don’t. What to do in those situations? You can’t just...

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