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to discover your purpose, manifest your destiny, and express your brilliance?

I can guide you to listen to your inner voice with dreams, meditation, and FOCUSING so you align with your soul’s purpose.  I’ll show you how to develop your potential with visualization, intuition, writing, and creative expression.

I can help you

Discover Your Purpose and Manifest Your Destiny


Classes and

I offer classes on self-development and design workshops for your company, group, or organization based on your needs.

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Individual Mentoring
and Coaching

I provide one-on-one mentorship and support for smart, successful, and creative people.
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I am available for programs to your company, group, organization. Frequent media guest on radio, television, and podcasts.

Interfaith Minister

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Ordained in the Interfaith Community of Metaphysics, I am available as a guest minister. I officiate weddings, renewal of vows, and other sacred ceremonies and rites of passage. 

Hello! I’m Laurel

Teacher, Counselor, Author, and Interfaith Minister

I teach and counsel people to develop their full potential.  This has been my personal quest and life’s work for over 40 years.  I’ve always known that I have an important mission in life and believe that you do too!  I am devoted to self-discovery and making the world a better place.  My greatest fulfillment comes from showing other people how to discover and fulfill their soul’s purpose.

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Laurel Clark

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Do you know you have an important purpose? Are you ready to embrace your soul’s mission and fulfill it?

I help smart, successful people discern their purpose and fulfill their life’s mission.  I guide you to discover who you are and to express your unique brilliance.  Through drawing upon inner resources like dreams and meditation, and outer resources like visualization and values clarification, you will craft a personal mission statement.  You’ll learn skills for developing your potential, discovering your own voice, and turning your ideas into action, so that your life reflects your highest and best Self.

Are you ready for an identity shift?

Do any of these sound like you?

People who have invested their time in a successful career and are now ready to launch their own business.

“Empty-nesters” whose kids are in college, or married, asking themselves, “Who am I now that parenting is not my first priority?”

Recently divorced or widowed people whose sense of self is changing from being a partner to being on their own.

Newly retired, or soon-to-retire people who want to discover who they are apart from the work they’ve done for decades.

People in their late 50’s experiencing a rebirth of energy and enthusiasm, who are looking forward to being creative and fulfilled in their upcoming golden years.

Multi-dimensional people who reject the idea of “narrowing their niche” because they want to weave together their many talents, skills, and interests into an integrated life.

I can help you make the changes your heart desires.

My Approach and Values

I believe that we each possess unique qualities, talents, and gifts.  When we listen to the inner voice that resonates from our Real Self, we can shine our light, we’re fulfilled, and we make the world a better place.

My personal mission is to fulfill my potential and aid others to do the same.

My mission statement is: “I vow to live with integrity, treat people with kindness, and honor beauty in everyone and everything.”  I will guide you to honor your natural expression so that you can bring your best self into your work, your personal relationships, and every area of life.

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“Your life is always speaking to you. It speaks in whispers, guiding you to your next right step.” — Oprah Winfrey

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