Praises for Dr. Clark

Dr. Laurel exemplifies unconditional positive regard and non-judgement.

Dr. Laurel’s insight has provided me with understanding about the themes of my life. She has a unique ability to perceive patterns of thought and behavior, as well as an impeccable capacity to listen, perceive, and attend behavior. She is able to draw conclusions from these rare capabilities to aid others in self-awareness. Through meeting with her I have been able to honestly self-evaluate, and as a result I have been inspired to create new themes in my life. I first sought counseling services from her after I struggled to assimilate a traumatic event. Not only did she offer tools to aid in healing, but through counseling I was able to create meaning from the experience. Truly, she has accelerated my journey of moving away from being the victim of my life towards being the creator of it.

Dr. Laurel exemplifies unconditional positive regard and non-judgment. Because of her unbiased acceptance, when I meet with her I am able to be very honest and genuine. This realness and authenticity is drawn out of me as a result of the safe space that she creates. It is in this safe space that true spiritual and emotional healing can occur.
From Dr. Laurel, clients can expect to grow from a foundation of unconditional acceptance, genuineness, honesty, insight, and inspiration. I am very grateful for the services I have received from her.


Licensed Professional Counselor


She acts upon her intuition for the individual’s highest good.

I have been very fortunate to have received the services of Dr. Laurel Clark as a teacher, counselor and mentor.  Dr. Clark holds the highest integrity in herself and in every way that she gives.  Her high standards and expectations have motivated me to become my best. She has stayed with me through thick and thin drawing out in me my fullest potential. Dr. Clark gives freely from the heart and I have felt the strength of her love. She strives to bring out wholeness in everyone she touches. She is highly intuitive and acts upon that for the individual’s highest good. She has made an impression on me that has been constant and lasting in my life.  I am grateful to Dr. Clark for everything she has given. I highly recommend her for the services she gives so freely.


Retired Special Education Teacher

She works in a holistic way that incorporates the mind, body and spirit.

 Dr. Laurel Clark has helped me change the path of my life! Her practical wisdom and intuitive insight bring together the duties of the every day with big picture life goals; nothing is left out. She works in a holistic way that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. She helped me get past my severe depression, set goals and accomplish them as well as genuinely cared about me and supported me through the process. She helped teach me to become my own teacher and become a true student of life. I can learn and grow and be in control of my own life, on my own. There is no better feeling! I would recommend Dr. Laurel Clark to anyone. Whatever you need, she can help! The next 40 years of my life will be more elevated, nourishing and fulfilling in part because of Laurel’s influence.

Medical HR Administrator and Floral Designer

She showed me how to give myself credit for talents I’d taken for granted.

Laurel has a real talent for helping people recognize and build off of their own progress even when it might seem too small to count. She showed me how to give myself credit for talents I had been taking for granted. I would highly recommend her program to anyone — from those looking for help getting through a bit of a rut in life to those going through major life changes. By the end, I felt a sense of purpose and direction in multiple areas of life.


Financial Advisor

Beauty is everywhere if one takes the time to really see.

I sought Dr. Laurel Clark’s counsel when, after retiring, I found myself frittering away my time rather than doing the creative projects that for years I envisioned doing after retirement. To be a writer you must write.  That’s one of the most important things I learned.  It sounds so simple yet an impossible task to accomplish on my own.   I had too many preconceived notions that my vocabulary was not eloquent enough to express images via words.  Laurel made writing an enjoyable process of self-discovery!  Having an accomplished writer/mentor available on a personal one-to-one interface for 12 weeks is priceless.  I cannot think of a better way to discover one’s talents.

Laurel was patient and guided me down paths to start exploring. We navigated my interests into a plan that incorporated a daily activity to build on. … Through daily action I expanded my vision to see the world with more awareness. … in this process I felt I was expanding my self value and receiving a tangible feeling of fulfillment.

Laurel guided me to turn my “wishful thinking” of becoming an accomplished photographer and writer into a reality.  Now, I take pictures for public relations, create calendars as presents, and seek avenues to publish my work. I see the world in a new and expansive way, Beauty is everywhere if one takes the time to really see.  That’s what I came away with after completing the sessions.

Creating every day was rewarding, purposeful and eye-opening.  There is nothing more fulfilling than the pursuit of exploring one’s abilities.  I feel much more creative, fulfilled, and free to express myself through photography and writing.


Retired I.T. Technician

Having her as my mentor has accelerated my personal growth.

Dr. Laurel Clark has been one of the most positive influences in my life.  She recognized the qualities in me that can make me successful and nourished them.  With her guidance, I have been able to communicate to prospective employers that my love of people is one of my greatest strengths.  I hadn’t claimed that before our counseling; knowing it helped me obtain the job of my dreams.  Laurel provided me with a high and productive point of view to consider in making decisions.  Now I make much better and wiser choices.

I am not a huge baseball fan, but I know that even the greatest players have hitting coaches to help them fine tune their swings when thing are going well and help them out of the inevitable slump.  In a similar vein, I was successful by many standards when I met Laurel but I was far from what I would consider whole.  Having her as my mentor has accelerated my personal growth.


Customer Service Representative

In a subjective world, her perspective is the one I want.

Dr. Laurel Clark has a unique, acute skill set that she continues to sharpen. She is able to see beyond what most can see and understand and assess from a much larger scope. Her discernment allows truth to come forward in a way that is highly developed and few can match. In a subjective world, her perspective is one I would want.



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