Kind words from our happy clients

She works in a holistic way that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. – K.O., Medical HR Administrator


Dr. Laurel Clark helped me change the path of my life! Her practical wisdom and intuitive insight guided me to bring together everyday actions with big picture life goals. – K.K., Sales Trainer


Dr. Laurel Clark helped me get past my severe depression, set goals and accomplish them. She genuinely cared about me and supported me through the process. The next 40 years of my life will be more elevated, nourishing and fulfilling because of Dr. Laurel’s influence. – M.O., Teacher, Adult Education


Laurel taught me to become my own teacher and become a true student of life. I now can learn and grow and be in control of my life. There is no better feeling! I would recommend Dr. Laurel Clark to anyone. Whatever you need, she can help! – K.M., Floral Designer


Dr. Clark is highly intuitive and acts upon that for the individual’s highest good. She gives freely from the heart and I have felt the strength of her love. She strives to bring out wholeness in everyone she touches. – D. H., Retired Special Education Teacher


I have been very fortunate to have received the services of Dr. Laurel Clark as a teacher, counselor and mentor.  Dr. Clark holds the highest integrity in herself and in every way that she gives.  Her high standards and expectations have motivated me to become my best. She has stayed with me through thick and thin, drawing out in me my fullest potential.  – D.A., Hospice Chaplain


Dr. Laurel has a wonderful combination of practicality and empathy that lends itself well to people needing help to get “unstuck” in one way or another.  She encouraged me with her reassuring sense of confidence. —  A.S., HR Manager


My time working with Laurel was very grounding.  I had been going through an intensely emotional time and she helped me find ways of separating myself from the emotions so I could process them without feeling swallowed up and crippled by them. – L.S., Financial Advisor


Laurel’s “superpowers” are active listening, strong intuition, and discernment.  She has a wide variety of experiences including dreams, EFT (tapping), meditation, writing, and meditation which she draws upon to tailor her approach to each individual’s needs. – L.B., Environmental Agency Administrator


Laurel is a treasure! She helped me see where I was getting in my own way while being patient and sensitive/aware of the difficulty of making personal change. I found that so valuable! – I.R., International Student


Dr. Clark is responsive and professional.  She has the ability to listen closely, ask probing questions to understand the issue, and thoughtfully consider answers to help me gain clarity and insight. – L.P., Publisher


Laurel has a remarkable ability to see things from a soul-centered perspective. – C.R., Author


I appreciate Dr. Clark’s expertise with dreams, meditation, writing, and leadership in two international organizations.  The combination of work she has done with her own self-development and teaching others, makes her uniquely qualified to guide people in their transformation. – T.G., Teacher


Laurel is kind, caring, insightful, contemplative, and nurtures and cultivates relationships. – S.P., Health Care Administrator


Laurel is very easy to work with in a group. She’s a great team player and she considers your feedback and personal feelings. Overall, I feel enriched just from having worked with her. – S.A., Vice President, Not-for-Profit


Laurel is professional, asks insightful questions, carefully considers options from various perspectives before making decisions, and is diplomatic when engaging with others. – I.H., Retreat Leader


As a teacher and counselor, Dr. Laurel genuinely cares about you and what is happening in your life.  Relationships are enriched due to her influence. – R.A., Fitness Trainer


Dr. Clark has the ability to discern the truth in a situation.  I like that she can listen to what I say and get to the essence of what is going on so simply, helping me to hear myself. – K.M., Retired Pediatric Nurse


Laurel has developed her intuition and has an awesome ability to understand dreams and how they apply to life. – D. K., Teacher


Dr. Clark’s compassion is apparent in her desire to aid others to greater ease in life through listening and helping them identify their next steps for success in career, life, or relationships. – D. M., Ordained Minister


Dr. Laurel is a very supportive and a gentle guide in offering suggestions of what I can do next. Her honesty and willingness to serve has allowed me to make real changes in my relationships with others and in the way I handle life situations. – B.C., Mother and Home School Teacher


Dr. Laurel has a unique ability to understand how the mind works. This enables her to offer suggestions for people to be self-reflective, understand their part in situations that trouble them, and to cause change in themselves. This empowers them to become what they imagine! – K.A., Editor


Laurel always responds to people with the intention of providing for their greatest good. She is open and honest with people and encourages them to be the same. – J.A., Graphic Designer


Dr. Clark is committed and devoted to ideals and guides people to be idealistic in practical ways! C.S., IT Technician


Dr. Laurel has a superior ability to concentrate. She kept me stimulated, engaged, and concentrated on living into my potential until I could maintain that focus myself. I can think of nothing more valuable! As a result of her commitment and devotion I love where I am today. – C.A., Counselor


Dr. Laurel has great love and devotion to helping others through her gifts of writing, speaking, counseling, teaching, and mentoring. She keeps her ideals holy so her example makes ideals and goals attainable to those she serves. – A. S., President, not-for-profit


Dr. Laurel has a still mind and ability to give undivided attention which helped me understand myself more deeply than I ever had. – J.O., IT,  US Dept. of Defense


Dr. Clark showed me how to respect the process of change more than just results. Her gentle teaching helped me build a roadmap to get to where I wanted to go. She empowered me to believe all things are possible.  I accomplished goals that previously were only wishful thinking. – J.S., Photographer


Dr. Clark can reach a diverse audience and instruct with clarity on many subjects.  She can set individuals or an audience on the road to understanding by providing a practical step-by-step approach. – J.K., Author


Dr. Laurel Clark is dedicated to aiding people to grow and develop their full potential.  She will do whatever she can to teach those willing to learn. – C.F., Sales


Dr. Laurel will commit to whatever it takes to guide others to understanding.  She is like Solomon, with wisdom to seek solutions for the highest good. I feel she is a master filled with the desire to guide future masters. – E.P., Artist


Dr. Laurel’s insight has provided me with understanding about the themes of my life. She has a unique ability to perceive patterns of thought and behavior, as well as an impeccable capacity to listen, perceive, and be attentive. She is able to draw conclusions from these rare capabilities to aid others in self-awareness. Through meeting with her I have been able to honestly self-evaluate, and as a result, I have been inspired to create new themes in my life. – C.A., Licensed Professional Counselor


Dr. Laurel exemplifies unconditional positive regard and non-judgement. Because of her unbiased acceptance, when I meet with her I am able to be very honest and genuine. This realness and authenticity is drawn out of me as a result of the safe space that she creates. It is in this safe space that true spiritual and emotional healing can occur. – C.K., Counselor and Yoga Teacher