Whole Life Resources

Here to aid you to discover and cultivate the beautiful creative being you are.

Laurel Offers

Life Purpose Counseling

One-on-one mentorship and support for people in transition.

Most people long to know their soul’s purpose. How do we find meaning in life? Do we each have a calling to discover? Research shows that when people reflect at the end of life, they ask three questions: “Did I give and receive love? Did I become all I could be? Did I leave the world a little bit better?” What if you learned now how to love, fulfill your destiny, and make a difference? I can guide you to clarify your ideals, understand your personal values, and live with greater purpose and passion.

I offer one-on-one mentorship and support for people in transition. You may have heard that the answers are already inside you. While this is true, learning how to ask the right questions is an important element in the process of self-discovery. I can aid you to hear your soul speaking and guide you to follow its wisdom.

Do you want to make a living while integrating your creative gifts, spirituality, and home life? Are you in flux, re-discovering who you are because of a life change? Maybe your children are growing up, you are widowed, divorced, recently changed career, retiring, or developing your own business? With over 40 years of experience as a teacher, psi counselor, dream expert, and interfaith minister, I have a treasure chest of resources to aid you in navigating the journey.


Dream Counseling for Individuals and Groups

Intuitive dream interpretation coaching for individuals and groups.

Each of us has a personal counselor, teacher, and guide who can give us insight every time we awaken. This inner source of wisdom comes from dreams. You can develop the art of remembering and understanding your dreams. I teach and counsel people to understand their dreams, based on over 40 years of personal dream work, and education through the School of Metaphysics and the Institute for Dream Studies.

I offer individual dream interpretation coaching and group sessions, combining intuitive insight with knowledge of the symbolic Universal Language of Mind. You can learn in person, by phone, or by Zoom.

I also lead workshops on dream incubation (specifically asking dreams for answers) to groups, organizations, and businesses. Dream incubation is an ancient practice that developed in the healing temples of Asclepius. You can incubate dreams for healing, creative ideas, guidance for personal issues, business ideas, and spiritual growth.

I specialize in intuitive dreams, like visitations from deceased loved ones, telepathic connections, and precognitive dreams. My book Intuitive Dreaming chronicles my personal experience with dreams like this, along with dreams of creative inspiration, business innovation, and group dreaming. Dreams show us a reality beyond the ordinary, waking consciousness.


Creative Rediscovery

Re-awaken the Real You by learning how to play, to explore, to discover.

Everyone has a creative urge, a life force that moves through us when we allow it. When people relax and are open to becoming a conduit for the passion and creativity within them, life becomes thrilling!

Unfortunately, many people have learned to squelch this natural joy.

I offer individual counseling or group support to guide you to uncover, discover, and recover your Real Self, the creative being that wants to express itself. Whether you have a particular project you want to birth, or in a more general sense you long to be free to create, you’ll learn to open the channels.

I have over 50 years of experience as a writer, more recently have explored painting and visual arts, and find creative fulfillment through cooking and music.  Learning how to play, explore, and to discover resources within and around you, re-awakens the Real You.

As a long-time student and teacher of meditation, dreams and their interpretation, visualization, and breathwork, I can give you methods for clearing your mind of negative thinking, self-criticism, and self-doubt to free your creative spirit to soar.

You’ll emerge with a heightened sense of confidence in your ability to be yourself and bring beauty into the world.