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live more creatively

7 ways to live more creatively

Creative people are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.   Try these practices to bring more creativity and inspiration into your life! Dreams – Your nighttime dreams

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I make things - Side Doll

I Make Things!

This simple statement changed my life. It gave me freedom and permission to enjoy the creative process without so much self-critical judgment about whether it was good or not.

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peace tile

So you want to write a poem?

Another way to write a poem is to pick particular qualities or states of being that resonate with you and turn them into people. An excellent book for stimulating your imagination this way is The Book of Qualities by Ruth Gendler. I highly recommend it.

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Cloud of Heart

Let it Go

When we blame another person or external circumstances, we fail to recognize that we always have some part in causing situations to be as they are. Sometimes this can be hard to admit. We like to be right, to win, to be the smart or wise one.

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Ducks in Fall on the lake


Melancholy. It feels like fall. Leaves dropping, even the brilliant crimson red and amber-colored leaves seem to ache. “Soon it will be gone,” they glow. The leaves, the warmth, and the sun will soon be hidden under the cold.

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red heart tile

Should I?

I love this. It makes life simple. Doing your Duty brings out your inner beauty because God is love. When we serve God, either directly or through serving other people, we radiate love.

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Writing Journal

To thine own self be true

How can we truly express ourselves if we don’t even know who we are? We need to learn to re-connect with the Real Self, the inner self. Exploring our true nature can be an exciting prospect.

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Living your ideals - vision board 2020

The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Many professionals, especially women, are concerned about work-life balance, wondering how to give quality time to their children, family, job, fitness, recreation, and travel.

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Vision Board blue

Inspiration and Motivation

Setting goals and accomplishing them brings satisfaction and fulfillment. Most people know how triumphant we feel when we complete something we intended to do.

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