Everyone dreams every night, but many people have learned to forget or ignore these nocturnal messages.  Dreams can give us guidance and creative inspiration, help us solve problems, and heal grief and emotional distress.  Learn how to remember your dreams, how to ask dreams for insight, and how to understand the messages they bring.  Tapping into your dreams improves your intuition and sense of wellbeing.

You will learn why dreams are important, where they come from, and how to remember and record them.  You will also learn some methods for specifically asking your dreams for guidance, insight, or creative inspiration.  We will do some actual dreamwork and dream interpretation, for those who bring with them dreams that they remember.  

This class includes strategies for improving sleep, an essential element for remembering dreams and receiving their guidance and inspiration.

Understanding Your Dreams

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For questions, contact event organizer Laurel Clark at laurel@laurelclark.com

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