Dr. Laurel’s insight has provided me with understanding about the themes of my life. She has a unique ability to perceive patterns of thought and behavior, as well as an impeccable capacity to listen, perceive, and attend behavior. She is able to draw conclusions from these rare capabilities to aid others in self-awareness. Through meeting with her I have been able to honestly self-evaluate, and as a result I have been inspired to create new themes in my life. I first sought counseling services from her after I struggled to assimilate a traumatic event. Not only did she offer tools to aid in healing, but through counseling I was able to create meaning from the experience. Truly, she has accelerated my journey of moving away from being the victim of my life towards being the creator of it.

Dr. Laurel exemplifies unconditional positive regard and non-judgment. Because of her unbiased acceptance, when I meet with her I am able to be very honest and genuine. This realness and authenticity is drawn out of me as a result of the safe space that she creates. It is in this safe space that true spiritual and emotional healing can occur.
From Dr. Laurel, clients can expect to grow from a foundation of unconditional acceptance, genuineness, honesty, insight, and inspiration. I am very grateful for the services I have received from her.

C.A. • Licensed Professional Counselor