Here is a list of speaking topics among the many Laurel offers:-

  1. Essential Life Skills for Success:  Undivided Attention, Concentration, Listening and Memory
  2. The Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization 
  3. The Intuitive Edge for Success 
  4. How to Have More Time in a 24-Hour Day
  5. Concentration:  The Focusing Power of the Mind
  6. Improving Memory
  7. Becoming a Good Listener
  8. Listening: The Secret to Successful Sales
  9. How to Relax when Everyone Else is Stressed Out!
  10. Effective Communication
  11. Cooperative Decisionmaking
  12. Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery
  13. Resolving Conflict
  14. Being a Peacemaker
  15. The Ancient Cure for ADD
  16. Positive Thinking
  17. The Only Diet There Is:  LIFE  (Love, Imagination, Forgiveness, Energy)

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