Dream Wisdom

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Tuesday, May 2, 2023, from 7 – 8:30 pm Central Time.  Online! Register here Do you remember your dreams? Dreams can give us guidance and creative inspiration, help us solve problems, and heal grief and emotional distress.  Learn how to remember your dreams, how to ask dreams for insight, and how to understand the messages […]


Testimonials from people Laurel has taught

Kind words from our happy clients She works in a holistic way that incorporates the mind, body and spirit. – K.O., Medical HR Administrator   Dr. Laurel Clark helped me change the path of my life! Her practical wisdom and intuitive insight guided me to bring together everyday actions with big picture life goals. – […]

Media Experience

Media Experience

Dr. Clark has been a guest on radio and television programs since 1979 and is a well-respected expert in her field.  She contributed to developing the pilot for

Lectures and Presentations

Lectures and Presentations

Dr. Clark has given lectures and programs to groups, organizations, and businesses since 1979. Following are some of the presentations Dr. Clark has given to groups and organizations

Books By Laurel Clark

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Laurel is the sole author of 7 books and has contributed to over 14 books including Chicken Soup for the Soul. Books by Laurel Clark can be found on Amazon, what books has Laurel written?

7 ways to live more creatively

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Creative people are happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.   Try these practices to bring more creativity and inspiration into your life! Dreams – Your nighttime dreams are a natural source of inspiration and intuition.  Keep a journal by your bedside to record the images, feelings, and stories that come through your dreams.  You can even ask […]

Speaking Topics

Laurel Clark

Laurel provides a comprehensive selection of speaking topics, with a wide range to choose from. Here is a list of what Laurel provides.

Mind Mastery: Developing Attention, Concentration, Listening, Memory

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People are successful and fulfilled in their personal and professional life because they practice skills of the mind. Just as you can become stronger and more flexible physically with physical exercise, you can become more creative, discerning, intuitive, and acute with mental exercise. In this class, you’ll learn essential mind skills: attention, concentration, listening, and […]

The Cure for Overwhelm

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People with brilliant minds and active lives often experience “overwhelm,” too many ideas, and too many things to do with too little time.  The cure is not necessarily saying “no,” but learning how to prioritize, how to concentrate, how to set goals, and how to allow time for the mind to rest, to drift, and […]

A New Paradigm for Communication and Conflict Resolution


Oftentimes, we take out our stress on our friends, families, and co-workers.  Problems with communication negatively impact our relationships at home and work.  A recent Harris Poll found that a whopping 91% of employees said their employers lacked good communication skills.  Studies report that communication problems are the leading cause of divorce.  Learning how to […]