Communication, especially listening, is one of the most important elements for success and fulfillment in personal and professional life.  Problems with communication negatively impact our relationships at home and work more than we may realize.  A recent Harris Poll found that a whopping 91% of employees said their employers lacked good communication skills.  Studies report that communication problems are the leading cause of divorce.  Oftentimes, we take out our stress on our friends, families, and co-workers.  Learning how to listen and how to clearly describe the images in our minds enables us to communicate more effectively.  When we can hear what other people are saying, we can learn to see their point of view rather than defending our own, leading to greater understanding and peace.  

Many people believe that communication means telling another person what they think.  Communication is a shared gift whose goal is mutual understanding.  Learning to create mental images and describe those images in words enables the speaker to be clear.  Learning to clear the mind and eliminate prejudice enables the listener to understand.

Learn practical methods for doing both so that you can learn to understand and to be understood.

You will also learn an effective formula for resolving conflict, another source of stress and emotional challenge.  Whether you change yourself, change the situation, or ask another person to change, you can learn how to identify unhealthy patterns and to replace them with healthy relational behaviors.

Communication Skills for Understanding and Resolution

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