Media Experience

Media Experience

Dr. Clark has been a guest on radio and television programs since 1979 and is a well-respected expert in her field.  She contributed to developing the pilot for

Lectures and Presentations

Lectures and Presentations

Dr. Clark has given lectures and programs to groups, organizations, and businesses since 1979. Following are some of the presentations Dr. Clark has given to groups and organizations

Books By Laurel Clark

Contributor to books

Laurel is the sole author of 7 books and has contributed to over 14 books including Chicken Soup for the Soul. Books by Laurel Clark can be found on Amazon, what books has Laurel written?

Speaking Topics

Laurel Clark

Laurel provides a comprehensive selection of speaking topics, with a wide range to choose from. Here is a list of what Laurel provides.

Programs for Self-Development

lc co dreams 194x300 1 - Programs for Self-Development

Laurel can design an array of programs for self-development that cater to the unique requirements of your company or organization. Here is a list of programs that Laurel can design for you based on your needs.