I sought Dr. Laurel Clark’s counsel when, after retiring, I found myself frittering away my time rather than doing the creative projects that for years I envisioned doing after retirement. To be a writer you must write.  That’s one of the most important things I learned.  It sounds so simple yet an impossible task to accomplish on my own.   I had too many preconceived notions that my vocabulary was not eloquent enough to express images via words.  Laurel made writing an enjoyable process of self-discovery!  Having an accomplished writer/mentor available on a personal one-to-one interface for 12 weeks is priceless.  I cannot think of a better way to discover one’s talents.

Laurel was patient and guided me down paths to start exploring. We navigated my interests into a plan that incorporated a daily activity to build on. … Through daily action I expanded my vision to see the world with more awareness. … in this process I felt I was expanding my self value and receiving a tangible feeling of fulfillment.

Laurel guided me to turn my “wishful thinking” of becoming an accomplished photographer and writer into a reality.  Now, I take pictures for public relations, create calendars as presents, and seek avenues to publish my work. I see the world in a new and expansive way, Beauty is everywhere if one takes the time to really see.  That’s what I came away with after completing the sessions.

Creating every day was rewarding, purposeful and eye-opening.  There is nothing more fulfilling than the pursuit of exploring one’s abilities.  I feel much more creative, fulfilled, and free to express myself through photography and writing. 

J.T. • retired IT technician