New classes in March


Ideas into Action

March 31, 2021
7 – 8:30 pm


Many creative people have so many ideas they don’t know where to start. Learn to choose, focus, and act so that you manifest your brilliance!

Are you tired of people who tell you that you just have to believe in yourself when things aren’t going your way?  Belief is a powerful force, but it doesn’t accomplish anything by itself.  It requires focus, action, and intelligent direction to transform ideas into accomplishments. 

Most creative people have lots of ideas and sometimes feel like “a chicken with its head cut off,” running around chasing every shiny object that captures their attention.  Learn a simple method of establishing priorities so you know what to focus on, and when. Develop the skill of concentration with a daily exercise that increases your mind power, and learn what it means to be mindful.

As you strengthen your ability to be attentive, your relationships will improve, you’ll be more relaxed, and better able to sustain the flow of creativity for work and play.


Begin Your Whole Life Journey

Do you want to make a living while integrating your creative gifts, spirituality, and home life?  Are you in flux, re-discovering who you are because of a life change? Maybe your children are growing up, you are widowed, divorced, recently changed career, retiring or developing your own business?

Begin your Whole Life Journey today with a consultation.