New classes in March

Your Personal Mission

March 3, 2021
7 – 8:30 pm


Your personal mission guides you with an inner compass for making wise decisions and living with purpose and passion.

In the midst of stress and chaos, knowing your ideals can center and ground you. Everyone has a purpose but finding it can be challenging. Instead of wandering and wondering, “why am I here?” learn to identify your ideals and discern your purpose. With self-reflective exercises and guided imagery, you’ll clarify your values. Then you’ll craft a mission statement that resonates with your core values, serving as an inner compass to guide your decisions and give you direction so you can be your best self!

You will learn a 3-part formula for success and fulfillment to aid you in all areas of your life


Begin Your Whole Life Journey

Do you want to make a living while integrating your creative gifts, spirituality, and home life?  Are you in flux, re-discovering who you are because of a life change? Maybe your children are growing up, you are widowed, divorced, recently changed career, retiring or developing your own business?

Begin your Whole Life Journey today with a consultation.